I have been playing and creating music for over 20 years. received a music scholarship from a local college

where I started my music career, study under Mr Hose London and Mr Sanford O' Neil both are professor of music In 1976

I was granted a position with the Eubank School of Music where I gave private lessons and done

music  arranging for stage band after three years I relocated to the west coast where I study

orchestration and film scoring. I was greatly influenced by Gene Page and Thom Bell both are

String Arrangers / Composers.

I'm looking to work with a Game Developer, Independent Film maker and Music Supervisors. 

some of my work can be found on Spotify and Youtube under my Artist name (ELY DOC CANNON)

I have also provided contact information for any company or person who wish to use my music 

that is uploaded on Spotity and youtube for their production project.